Experience latitude in your workplace by navigating your teams through our different Latitude programs.


Leadership and                  Team Development

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Discover how we will partner with you to customize leadership and team development programs and offer sustainable post-implementation solutions for the best ROI.

"I thought we had a clear vision of where we want to take the company, but not sure the employees understand what we are doing. How do I find out?"


Corporate Navigation and   Strategic Facilitation

Get direction defining business goals and mapping strategic action steps using Latitude's unique process COMPASS. Invite a Latitude strategic planning facilitator to your next meeting to ensure you walk away with clear direction and actionable goals. 

"I am excited about our future.  What can we do to make sure we are actually working towards our vision?"

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Executive and Professional Coaching


Executive and Professional Coaching offers every individual an opportunity to increase their self awareness and skill set in a variety of areas including presentations and public speaking, conflict management, emotional intelligence and communication skills.

"I am always so busy - but are my day to day actions actually supporting my goals?"

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